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NORTHWEST HEALTH PLAN, in partnership with the Community Quality Alliance (CQA) network, is a provider-driven collaboration with employers that hosts a comprehensive network of physicians and advanced practice providers, hospitals, urgent care and other ancillary providers.

The goal of NORTHWEST HEALTH PLAN and Community Quality Alliance is to partner with employers to deliver high-value health care services by working together to improve outcomes and control medical costs. With employer and provider alignment on these goals and initiatives, we are able to provide better, more coordinated care to our community. CQA has been working on these goals with payors since 2016 and has seen continued success in advancing the quality, coordination, and efficiency of care delivery — while lowering the total cost of medical care in Northwest Arkansas.

Using real time data analytics, employers will experience more collaboration in managing appropriate utilization of health care resources, and providers are held accountable for performance in a new way. Northwest Health Plan is designed to be flexible and nimble to more effectively manage the changing cost of healthcare and key measures of quality care. We believe quality healthcare in Northwest Arkansas should be easily accessible as well as innovative.

CQA is only rewarded if we are successful at improving quality and lowering costs. The foundation of the Northwest Health Plan is a partnership dedicated to working and succeeding together.


NORTHWEST HEALTH PLAN, in partnership with Community Quality Alliance, is a community-based solution to combat rising health care costs and powered by top-tier, local providers. As the largest health network in Northwest Arkansas, our system of medical practitioners includes more than 450 providers in over 90 locations. The network encompasses a majority of the independent, community-based practices in our region, Northwest Health’s five hospitals, including Northwest Medical Center – Bentonville, Northwest Medical Center – Springdale, Siloam Springs Regional Hospital, Northwest Health Physicians’ Specialty Hospital and Willow Creek Women’s Hospital, and two stand-alone emergency departments. Our providers are held accountable and rewarded for quality outcomes and cost management associated with care for their aligned patients.

Access to the financial advantages of a level-funded and self-funded health plan.

NORTHWEST HEALTH PLAN and CQA have partnered with Key Benefit Administrators (KBA), one of the largest, independently-owned, third-party administrators and employer risk management firms in the U.S., supporting a wide variety of group benefit plans for our community. Through this partnership, the focus is on reducing health care costs while improving health through high quality, cost-effective care coordination.

Northwest Health Plan collaborates with the American Health Data Institute (AHDI), one of the largest and oldest population health databases in the country, to use an evidence-based approach to provide real-time data to providers. Using the AHDI suite of products designed to drive intelligent decisions, the AHDI Population Health Management Program has five different statistically-validated ROI studies performed in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2014 and 2021. Our Healthcare Navigator ™ Nurses are trained in Motivational Interviewing to coach patients identified with any of the 27 conditions we monitor. Our goal is to develop long-term behavioral change to improve patient self-management.


NORTHWEST HEALTH PLAN provides a balanced integration of the cost of health care and efficient care delivery by working to ensure improved health outcomes and lower total costs, ensuring the greatest return on your employer health care investment. Community Quality Alliance (CQA) employs evidence-based clinical quality guidelines and will actively monitor the performance and outcomes of its participating providers to assure that high-quality cost-effective care is being delivered.

The Northwest Health Plan population health management program through AHDI has five different statistically validated ROI studies performed in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2014 and 2021. All support a consistent and increasing reduction of medical spending between 11-17%.


High-quality, cost-effective providers

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High-Quality Medical Providers

The Community Quality Alliance’s network of providers has a proven record of providing high-quality care to our community.

CQA’s network of physicians, advanced practice providers, and ancillary providers:

  • Assisted payors in controlling total health care costs and produced more than $40 million in cost savings over the last six years
  • Achieved a quality star-rating with a nationally-recognized insurance company of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars — compared to Arkansas’ state average of 3.7 stars.
  • Have years of experience in value-based care arrangements for Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and fully insured and self-insured groups
  • Exceeded statewide peer performance on quality and care utilization targets
  • Directly manage the health of more than 55,000 patients in the Region
  • Share best practices and unique findings across the network
  • Use a physician-driven, process improvement team to ensure accountability of each network provider
  • Collaborate with State of Arkansas’ Health Information Exchange to aggregate data and keep providers informed with real time updates on care utilization across the network

To learn more about the Northwest Health System, please visit this page.

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Working together to improve health and lower costs!


Access to Claims Information

Northwest Health Plan utilizes a data warehouse and targeted utilization management approach that combines all the medical and pharmacy claims and eligibility records as the sources of data to address the highest priority needs for the employer. CQA providers utilize population health management tools to address cost opportunities and improve outcomes.


Access to Claims Information

Northwest Health Plan’s comprehensive CQA network of hospitals and providers are prepared to proactively adapt in this changing health care environment. Our program utilizes sophisticated software to analyze the variances, cost drivers, cost trends and other significant clinical and financial factors that influence the costs to a health plan. Ordinary claims data is transformed into powerful, actionable intelligence.


Additional Benefits Available

Northwest Health Plan offers a network of providers in the Northwest Arkansas region focused on improving care coordination and proactive management of high-risk patients and chronic conditions. CQA providers are held accountable for quality, patient outcomes, and managing the cost of their assigned patients. Benchmarking and performance data is used for continuous improvement and accountability processes.

Northwest Health Plan is a clinically integrated health care system that delivers high-quality cost-effective results. Combining the skills of highly trained health care providers and facilities, benefit plan administration, risk management and population health professionals to provide COMPLETE health care effectiveness where everyone is working on the same team!

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